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Through open communication with candidates and organizations, we can facilitate a search process that is respectful and considerate of your own interests and concerns.

We encourage you to submit a confidential letter of introduction and your resume for our files. We will contact you to discuss any positions that might be suitable.  While we serve as a liaison between you and the organization Brimhall and Associates does not make decisions on behalf of either party.  We will work closely with you to support you in the search process to our best ability, including reviewing your resume, discussing your interests, and providing information to you prior to becoming considered for any particular position.   Please recognize, however, that our primary relationship is with the institution that has retained our services.

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Design and Marketing Intern (Stipend)



At Brimhall and Associates we don’t have copying and filing interns. We give you the opportunity to join a creative, dynamic team and share your own thoughts and ideas. It’s a great time to do that as we’re turning a lot of attention to a new, entrepreneurial idea. We work hard at being among the best boutique philanthropy advisory firms and we are committed to teaching others who may wish to try out their interests and skills. Together, we advise non-profits and family foundations in fundraising and more and more we are creating fundraising training content, designing social media, making up puns for our captions, and brainstorming campaigns that excite us, the person next to us and hopefully soon the rest of the world.Our interns are talented, thoughtful, forward-thinking, creative, and (most importantly) a vital part of our team. You will experience a hands-on approach to learning about the non-profit sector. In fact, most of us on staff now were once B&A interns ourselves — it’s not that we can’t leave; we just really don’t want to.

We’re in the business of being (productively) disruptive. From the minute you become a part of our team we give you real experience that makes a real impact. We’ll take you seriously. Seriously. Oh, and we feed you lunch. We like to cook.

A three-month commitment with the option to extend for an additional 3 months at our invitation. We even sweeten the deal with a $300 stipend quarterly.

You’ll work 8-10 hours a week
You must be in LA and able to get to and from Downtown LA in a timely manner.
Ideal candidate is entrepreneurial, has a flexible schedule that allows for Fridays in the office (and once a month on Saturday for four hours), has their own transportation or access to the Metro.

• Participating in brainstorming and concept development
• Researching and creating content
• Designing collaterals via Adobe Illustrator
• Designing and implementing website training concepts
• Developing e-news content and design
• Researching, developing, and write blog content
• Engaging in social media (Webinars, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
• Assisting with email blasts, database maintenance, and data entry
• Conducting live interviews
• Filming and editing video content
• Developing and sharing in other project-based activities depending on your interest

Interested in joining the team? Send us a cover letter and resume explaining why you’d be great for this position. We value individuality and variety, so make sure to tell us what you’re all about. If you have an online presence (blog, Twitter, Facebook, ironic Myspace), send it along. If you write, draw, paint, sculpt, interpretive dance, or have a portfolio to share, we’d love to check out all that too.

P.S. Must love dogs

To Apply:
Please submit your cover letter and resume to