* we know how to fish where the fish are

We believe that fishing for donors is all about identifying with the fish. Where do they swim and why? Ok maybe it’s also about learning to swim in a school


“Nancy’s leadership brought order and drive to COPIA’s building campaign that made the $55M goal a reality. We could never have done it without her.” – Robert Mondavi, Chairman Emeritus

Surgical Eye Expeditions International

“My experience with Brimhall & Associates was immensely positive.  I found both Lili and Nancy to be most gracious.  Lili provided an important annual giving overview and Nancy is warm,

Dublin School

“I still tell people that the best development office audit ever done at Dublin School was done by Nancy.” – Christopher Horgan, Headmaster (1994-2007)

Oxfam America

“Nancy was a very positive and creative force during a period of transition at Oxfam America. She implemented new systems and procedures, recruited and trained staff who are still with us seven years later, effectively developed and coached staff members, and was an important part of the teamwork that laid the groundwork for a major gifts program that has dramatically grown since then. She is still remembered as a friend and colleague, and has remained an informal advisor.”

– Stephanie Kurzina, Vice President for Development and Communications, Oxfam America

CLARE Foundation

“Frances Anamosa gave me excellent information and further resources for prospect research.  Thanks to her thoughtful instruction, I now know how to prepare professional background work for our major gifts

National Museum of Qatar

“Nancy is a superb professional and a seasoned fundraising talent.  She is focused and strategic, tireless, devoted to team process, and delivers.  Additionally, her personable style imparts confidence and trust

Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services

“When we started with Brimhall & Associates the whole game changed. Our major donor efforts and our capital campaign finally got traction. The team is full of knowledge and ideas.

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