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We know that one of the most important aspects of a healthy organization is a governing board that is strong, responsive and invested.  We know that  the core of your organization’s success is in engaging and motivating your board.  We would be pleased to talk with you further regarding your specific needs, but in general we routinely offer an audit of the current board’s effectiveness and provide recommendations.  Following, we will work with you in areas that might include governance restructuring, review of bylaws and policies, developing re-engagement tools to enliven the board, training, and how to recruit new board members with specific skills.  Click here for ideas and information to start you thinking.



We could say a lot here…but mostly we want to share the four keys to a successful campaign:  1.  People give to people.  2. They give to urgent and compelling causes.  3. Donors give to campaigns when they are asked to provide input and advice.  4. Campaigns are supported when donors have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process.  We are experienced in campaigns.  We will serve as your guide, your critic, and your cheerleader.  We also know how to roll up our sleeves and help the team to get where they need to be. We know you can’t do it all.

Are you ready to start working with us to undertake a capital campaign?  Click here to download our Campaign Readiness Test.


NVHADS Capital Campaign Video – Produced by Nancy Brimhall



It is a chance to work together with your fundraising team to determine the ways in which fundraising can become an efficient, well-oiled, productive program. It’s a chance to step back and think about what could be.



One of the ways that your pre-campaign planning can be greatly enhanced is to listen to what your constituency has to say.  In fact, we think there isn’t any other way to do it. We really believe in feasibility studies. Definitely.



Knowing how to find those likely prospects is a substantial challenge.  It is very much about fishing for the golden fish. That’s the key.  We mentor executives, train staff and major volunteers to develop their talents. In addition, our major gifts workshop (and a take-away workbook) gets high marks. You may need us to set up a major gifts program.  We have done that too.



Our work with individual philanthropists is very inspiring and we applaud them for their many contributions to the world around us.  We provide assistance with everything from setting up a 501 (c) to helping to shape their giving decisions.



We have excellent thinkers to guide you that know how to get results.



Our years of working as  staff, and as consultants, has allowed us to do a lot of hiring.  Whew.  We know how to do it and we are very good at it.


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