Executive Search

Executive Search Services for the Organization

  • We work with you to compile a comprehensive profile of the organization and the position, an initial step that will clarify the ideal candidate whose experience, track record, and personal attributes are the best fit with your mission, vision and values and organizational culture.
  • We research, identify, and recruit prospective candidates by applying knowledge of the profession and of the marketplace.
  • We interview and evaluate candidates based on the ideal candidate profile and cultural/organizational fit (including skill set, required experience, necessary characteristics, and criteria for success).
  • We interview qualified candidates’ references as part of determining candidacy and provide a written summary of each reference.
  • We provide a checklist of qualifications you desired and rate each candidate against the checklist.
  • We present 3-5 finalists to you to interview.
  • We communicate with you and with the candidates under consideration throughout the interview process, and if desired, we facilitate the offer.

Fee for Professional Services

We are pleased to discuss our fee structure with you.

Information for Candidates

Through open communication with candidates and organizations, we can facilitate a search process that is respectful and considerate of your own interests and concerns.

We work closely with our ongoing clients to fill their development and executive positions but do take on selected search for other organizations. Please feel free to review our listing of current jobs open.

We encourage you to submit a confidential letter of introduction and your resume for our files if there are not jobs open that best suit your interest and expertise. We will contact you to discuss any positions that might arise.  While we serve as a liaison between you and the organization Brimhall and Associates does not make decisions on behalf of either party.

We will work closely with you to support you in the search process to the best of our best ability, including reviewing your resume, discussing your interests, and providing information to you prior to becoming considered for any particular position.   Please recognize, however, that our primary relationship is with the institution that has retained our services.

Please submit your cover letter and resume to: info@brimhallassociates.com.  We will acknowledge receipt.

Or mail to:

Brimhall & Associates
850 South Broadway, Suite 1005
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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